Motokazie started by a young energetic 18 year old kid named Lee Theis in 1997. Starting small Lee borrowed equipment, cashed in favors and worked hard to go from a 3 race series to eventually holding up to 25-30 events a year. With the motivation Lee had he ran races all over the midwest, including our original facility at the Scott County Fairgrounds in Jordan, MN. After a few years of running Jordan Supercross Lee wanted to expand his racing horizons and go for a full out District 23 and AMA sanctioned event in Elko, MN by the Elko Speedway. With more and more races being added to the schedule Lee ran amazing events, along with building private tracks all over the United States.

After 22 years of hard work and excellence, Lee decided to retire from the promoting side, and move back to the racing side. With his wife and child, you will see them around at most of the Motokazie events to this day.

The Next Chapter

With Lee retiring and a void in the motocross industry to fill, he chose a racer from the nearby Chaska, MN to step up and run these events, this racers name is Cody Slark. Cody grew up racing all of the Motokazie events and grew a friendship with Lee and the staff Lee had at the races. In 2018 Lee came to Cody with an idea of turning the business over and since then it has blossomed into a new chapter of Motokazie with fresh ideas. We will be running similar events with some changes sprinkled in here and there.

We here at Motokazie look forward to seeing you at the races!

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