First Steps

So you want to buy a dirt bike or four wheeler, and get started in this great sport we call motocross and supercross? We here at Motokazie suggest a few things before you throw on the boots and line up at the start gate:

  • Come check out a race! We have an open pit and are welcome to all people. Come check out the atmosphere and look at the track. The motocross community is willing to help anybody, so feel free to ask the riders questions and see what its like to race.

  • Get the proper safety equipment. The equipment required to race a motocross race is a helmet, goggles, motocross boots, riding pants, long sleeve jersey, and gloves would be the bare minimum. We here at Motokazie would also suggest looking into equipment that is comfortable and that fits correctly for the best safety.

  • Come ride a practice. Motokazie has days where we hold organized practice, split into groups of age and ability. We suggest you start at a practice to get your feet wet at a track before you go all out racing at full speed.

  • Choose your appropriate class. There are many race classes to choose from. The classes are divided by engine displacement, age, and skill level. The smaller bike classes such as 50cc, 65cc, and 85cc are divided by age limits. The big bike classes such as 250cc, and Open are divided by an A (expert), B (intermediate), and C (beginner). At our supercross races there is also a D class which is a new rider class, we recommend this class for first time racers and are limited on the jumps you can clear. There are also age classes for big bikes for an extra class you can race. Check out the ABOUT page under the MOTOCROSS or SUPERCROSS tab for more info on the classification.

    Want to Race MK Supercross?

  • Bring your proper gear and motorcycle prepped and ready to go with a number of your choice on the bike or quad. The number must be highly visible for our scoring staff to see your number

  • Come an at least an hour early, walk the track and check it out before you ride it. Come to the MK sign up trailer and register. There are no memberships needed for our Supercross races. If you are under 18 you need a parent to fill out a minor consent form. If no parent is present you need a minor consent form signed and notarized by a parent or legal guardian, with a consenting adult present to race. 

  • There will be a practice, heat race, and main event assigned with the class you sign up for

  • Yes, it is that easy

Want to Race MK Motocross?

  • There are a few different things to do for a MK motocross race. We are District and AMA sanctioned, this means you need to have an AMA membership with your membership card present, and a District 23 membership with your membership card present. AMA membership is $40 annually and a District 23 membership is $40 annually. Check out for more information.

  • District 23 will assign you with a number. It must be placed on the bike and highly visible for our scoring staff to be able to see

  • You will practice with your assigned class and race two motos. These motos will be scored on the average of each moto.

The Difference Between Motocross and Supercross

There are some big differences between the Motocross and Supercross.

Motocross tracks are designed from natural terrain and are much faster pace. -The tracks range from 1-2 miles in length. Motocross tracks are more permanent tracks and have a lot of the core racers that show up. The scoring for Motocross is an average of 2 motos. Motocross races are held on Sundays and start at 8am for practice and the races start at 9am.

Supercross races are designed for a one day event at a stadium or fairgrounds. For Motokazie, we run at fairgrounds around the midwest. These races have a tighter track with a lot more jumps. We run the races under the lights with fans in the stands. Show up early and you can have a chance to check out the fair, grab a corn dog, ride some rides, check out the animal barns, and go racing! Supercross races start anywhere around 4pm-6pm and we run into the night under the lights.