These are the forms you will encounter while signing up for a Motokazie Supercross event. All forms will be present during the event so you do not need to fill out before the event. A Motokazie administration staff member must witness the signing of these forms.

 Minor Release

This form is required for anyone under the age of 18. Parents must sign waiver and be present at the track when the minor is racing. If a parent cannot be present this form must be signed by a parent and notarized. A legal adult must be present with the minor during the event as a stand in for the parent. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS IF PARENT OR VALID NOTARY FORM IS NOT PRESENT.

Click Below for the Minor Release Form

Notarized Minor Release

Race Entry Form

This form is for signing up for the event. You can choose your class of choice and fill out the information completely for our administration staff.

Race Entry Form