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Motocross is the roots of all off road motorcycle competition. The tracks range from 1-2 miles in length, with wide open straightaways, rutted turns, and jumps mixed in throughout the course. Motokazie runs motocross races in Mankato, MN in the Blue Earth River Valley at the Kato Cycle Club. Consisting of mostly natural terrain, this track has large elevation changes, wide open turns, and jumps that are for all skill levels. The track is a black dirt/clay base with some sandy berms. We also have a 50cc track for the mini riders that is a sandy base mixed with black dirt for a loamy soil mixture.

Pricing: Saturday Practice $35

Race $35 per class

Gate Fee $10 per person

Must have District 23 and AMA membership to race.

Our Motocross races are AMA and District Sanctioned. We run the AMA and District 23 rules. For more info on the rules and regulations, and to check out other District 23 events, please visit the District 23 website.



Classes in which District 23 Points will be earned are: Championship Classes are those classes that are A or above or any class that has no skill level designation, B and C classes are advancement classes.

Youth classes: All 50 cc classes are stock only classes.

50cc Premix 4-6 (AMA class 1)

50cc Premix 7-8 (AMA class 2)

50cc oil injected 4-8 (AMA class 3)

50cc Single or Multi-speed 4-8 (AMA Class 4)

65cc 7-9 (52-65cc 2 stroke/52cc-90cc 4 stroke),

65cc 7-11 (52-65cc 2 stroke/52cc-90cc 4 stroke),

65cc 10-11 (52-65cc 2 stroke/52-90cc 4 stroke)

85cc 9-11 (66-85cc 2 stroke/75cc-125cc 4 stroke)

85cc 9-12 (66-85cc 2 stroke/75-125cc 4 stroke)

85cc 12-15 (66-85cc 2 stroke/75-125cc 4 stroke)

Supermini (80-112cc 2 stroke 75cc to 150 cc 4 stroke)

Girls Jr. 9-12 (59cc-85cc2-stroke, max wheelbase 51 in., max front wheel 17 in., Rear wheel mini-12 in-max 16 in.)

Girls Sr. 12-16 (79cc-112cc 2-stroke, 75cc to 150 cc 4-stroke, max wheelbase 52 in., max front wheel 19 in. max rear 16 in.)

Schoolboy 1- 12-16 86cc-125cc 2 stroke, 75-150cc 4 stroke, minimum front wheel 19” and minimum rear wheel 16”

Schoolboy 2- 14-16 122cc-150cc 2-stroke, 126cc-250cc 4-stroke, minimum 53” wheelbase (no minicycles or Supermini)

Amateur Classes

The age eligibility is 14+ for riding a 201cc-350cc and 16+ for 351cc and up 2018, the age eligibility is 14+ for a 201cc-250cc and 16+ for 251cc and up 125cc one skill level, ages 12+

122cc-125cc 250cc A, B, C ages 12+

122cc–250cc 2 or 4 stroke Open A, B, C ages 12+

122cc-Open 2 or 4 stroke (must be 14 years of age to race over 201cc)

14-24 A, B, C 122cc-Open

25+ A, B, C 122cc-Open

Vet 30+ A, B, C 122cc -Open

35+ A, B, C 122cc-Open Senior

40+ A, B, C 122cc-Open

45+ A, B, C 122cc-Open

50+ 122cc-Open

55+ 122cc-Open

60+ 122cc-Open

Women ages 12+ 99cc-250cc

For more info on classes and rules visit the District 23 website.

For more info on events at the Kato Cycle Club visit their website.